About a book: Women in Science

Found this amazing book thanks to Amazon suggestions, called ‘Women in Science’. The best part of this book, apart from being concise, is that it presents the subject in an uncontemporary format — with amazing illustrations. So, for a change, you can judge this book by it’s cover.

Women in Science Cover Image
Rachel Ignotofsky has done a commendable job by compiling 1-page biographies of 50 women, “who changed the world”. She has complemented it with to-the-point, interesting, and effective doodles and illustrations for each of the portrays. While most of us know about the popular ones like Madam Curie, Ada Lovelace, and suchlike; this book brings forth stories of many more who were as brilliant, and fearless.

Buy this book for yourself, and your kids. Especially boys.

Cycling to work

It’s been almost a month-full of commuting on bicycle to office and therefore I think I have gained eligibility to comment on the experience. Since the distance is considerable (~21 Kms one-way), and landscape rollercoaster-ish, an amateur cyclist like me has to limit the frequency to twice (or at most thrice) a week.

Nevertheless, the experience has been exhilarating! And over-time, like many cyclists would, I have got used-to the glances of sympathy, ridicule, amusement, encouragement, surprise, and most of all the look of a-question-coming-up, from people of various shapes, sizes and ages.

Pune, the place where I live, was known to be a cycle-friendly city. Was. Things are different now, with cyclists having to jostle their way just like everybody else. It’s a bit more challenging for cyclists given the fact that unless they’re the really loud kinds, it’s easy to ignore their presence, and forget their relevance.

Following is a crude list of my observations so far. Based on which Indian city you reside in, your mileage may vary.

  • It’s not as scary as it might appear till you finally decide and hit the road!
  • People are generally considerate, given that you’re disciplined. Owning a cycle does not mean you can flout the traffic rules.
  • Be wary of taxis (yellow number plates in general), they’re the scariest lot with no regard for all other vehicles. Unfortunately, cycles form a part of all other.
  • Kids will love you
  • In general, expect to get a few ‘thumbs-ups’ per month (predominantly from Bullet-riders — not sure why)
  • As mentioned before, be prepared to answer FAQs like: “how much is it (the bike) for”, “do you ride every day”, or for the price of a specific accessory like, “did you get the headlight along with the bike”, and suchlike

As for me, I feel more upbeat in spite of sweat and stress once I reach the office. I realized that even though I may be physically stressed, but I am more mentally active. The converse is true when I drive to work. Physical stress is much easier to deal with. And with the released endorphins, it peps you up!

“Cracking Contraptions”

Last three evenings of mine were utilised (yes, not just spent) in doing something interesting, so I thought of sharing the experience. The outcome was not cent-percent what I had originally planned, but I would say I could achieve eighty percent of the task I had set out for.
I am so keen on sharing this, because after a long time I could get back to things which I loved to do as a kid (and beyond)….which somehow got lost in the oblivion, mostly because I’ve always had so varied interests that it’s difficult to pursue each of them.
Anyways, enough of groundwork, let’s get to the story.

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