‘Cushions’ were supposed to be a thing of comfort. Over time, however, they have evolved to a level where they seem to be the rightful owners of your sofa sets. So much so, that sometimes it looks like other home dwellers need to seek their permission before even thinking about sharing their space.


The cushions that rule our big “comfy” sofa are the most respected members of our family. No one in the family has the right to dethrone them. Regular sofa-‘space’-battles are frequent and are almost always won by them. And even when you try to co-exist peacefully on the sofa, some way or the other, these little pricks are constantly reminding you of their presence!

This arrogance did not occur to them overnight. Cushions have worked hard for it. Those things that were once primary weapons to attack one’s siblings have successfully exploited the loopholes in the humans’ constant endeavour to look better. Hence they kept growing bigger and teamed-up with cushion covers. Covers that are now, supposedly, a representative of their owner’s coolness, geekiness, humour, or modern-yet-contemporary-ness. They made humans perceive a sofa with basic or minimalistic cushioning as ‘uncool’. What followed can be termed as ‘The Wrath of the K(ushio)n”. We started seeing sofas in which one would have to search for a 3-year-old if left unattended. If the sofa weren’t “plush” enough, people started loading them with these monstrosities to make them look so.

Come to think of it — in an afterlife, given a choice, I would want to be a cushion — not just any cushion, but a sofa cushion. Until then, sadly, the argument continues.

Random thoughts

M was telling me about a recent encounter he had with a potential matrimony spouse over a dinner. I don’t know why, maybe the way he narrated it..I laughed so much after a very long time. According to him, the dialogue went something like this:

Potential Spouse (PS): …ummm…yeah…now-a-days even average people are able to get into big companies…
M: excuse me…but I’m below average

PS: So what are your hobbies…?
M: [Thinking: Damn!, I could never answer this question properly in any interview]

Needless to say, “ye shaadi nahi ho sakti!.” 🙂

Watched Jodhaa-Akbar with

   today. On the whole, I liked it. Considering the fact that it’s a produce of Bollywood, I was impressed by the massiveness of the whole thing. I also loved the music.

   endured the entire movie, of which, I guess, he could only decipher bits and pieces, while I was totally engrossed in it.
Afterwards, found a number of people mocking at the dialogues, maybe because they didn’t understand the language. Hmmm.

In other news, came back to motherland last weekend. Now I want to stay here for some time. Enough of traveling. Phew! 😛

In view of the recent events in this part of the world, I guess, I better lie low — lest some ‘sons of soil’ come and beat the living daylights out of me. I qualify in more than one categories. 😀
On a serious note though, it’s pitiful: Is there an end to the number of categories you could further polarize the people?