“Stay Blessed”, they said

I get confused when someone wishes me to “stay blessed”. My main contention then becomes, are you — the blesser, putting the ball in my — the potential blessee’s court? If so, then that’s totally uncalled for. C’mon, my plate might be already full with a number of other, more important, tasks. I don’t need any new responsibility, especially the abstract, divine kinds, to be bestowed upon me. That too, unsolicited.

question-mark-clip-art-free-clipart-images-5Hadn’t it been politically incorrect, I would have definitely countered the one who conveniently handed out this mammoth of a task upon me. Why couldn’t the person keep it to herself/himself, with a simple prefix of “I hope” — “I hope you stay blessed”. As is apparent, that would have kept things light, goodwill would have been conveyed, and everyone would have gone home happy.

I think people, kind of, consider it in the league of “take care”, but it’s just that they believe that “take care” is so 80’s and sounds un-hep. But I’m far more happy with “take care” because that’s something tangible, as I know that the onus is very much on me. (Also, because experiments have shown that the absence of “taking care” might have catastrophic outcomes.) An absence of “staying blessed”, umm..I don’t know — it’s debatable. I’m better off with “stay healthy”, “stay happy” and/or “take care”, thank you very much!

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