This is why I hate Samsung devices

Came across a phone yesterday, from their latest (and hugely popular) Galaxy range. The (Android-based) UI was fascinating appealing. The capacitive touch screen was responsive. But that’s that. Seems that’s where their efforts (wannabe iPhone) cease.

You go to type a text message, and accidentally click on send….and whoosh…the message is sent! That’s the most stupid thing I have come across in a while. It’s worse than my very first Motorola, where if the phone rang while I was typing a message, the message went for a toss.

Anyway, coming back to Samsung — in their mindless rush to bring zillions of Galaxy devices to the market, did they ever sit back and think of usability? — because, apart from the looks, that’s what makes an iPhone an iPhone. I can bet it wouldn’t be more than two lines of code to put a validation to disallow sending of blank messages. But as long as their phones are selling like hot cakes…who cares…right?