Why is it that everyone becomes so quiet only when it’s your turn in the daily stand-ups. And there you were, thinking that this too shall pass since everyone is joking around, and no one’s actually listening. You try to chuckle and smile past it, in your opening statements, but suddenly everyone is serious, and seems really keen on knowing what you did.
Sometimes one just feel like confessing, "actually i just updated my Facebook profile…", but then the previous guy had just discussed something which seems similar to devising a next generation rocket propulsion.
Not that updating the Facebook profile requires much less a brain-work (you want to sound interesting, and smart, and honest, all at the same time (more so, if you’re unmarried) ), but one has to sound "productive" and "profitable" in the current situation. So then you unleash your imagination and apply a decorator to your, in layman’s language, "time-pass".
*Sigh*, how I love scrums!