Every rose…has its thorns

Rains always fascinate me. Maybe everyone. It’s been raining cats and dogs in this part of the world, just as everyone was about to give up any hopes from whatever remains of the so-called monsoons. Pleasant surprise I must say. And a lot of it! Maybe we don’t even need a meteorological department. All they do is confuse people. Adds to the surprise factor though. 🙂

I’ve not updated the journal in some time. But then again, shouldn’t attribute it to the lack of time. Had ample of it to spare. I guess, I wanted the things to be in order, before I’d jot something down.
Had an adventurous June involving many vital decisions — changed the job, changed the city. Finding a house in the new place was a daunting task on it’s own. Guess that’d qualify for a separate post altogether. Continue reading “Every rose…has its thorns”