Last weekend I and Manash went to Murud — famous for its janjira fort.

The place falls in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The journey was pleasant because time and again we touched the (Konkan) coastline. The route we took was Panvel->Pen->Alibagh->Murud. Point to point, the total journey was 200kms, one way. The former point being Andheri.

murud janjira (jazeera)

Although a short distance, we took our time, stopping wherever it seemed pleasant, and for other breaks including a brief timeout at Alibagh. So it was quite late when we reached Murud, 6ish.

We were lucky to get the (last) boat for the fort, and hopped-on. The fort looked spooky from the outside, with imposing, black, weathered walls. The entrance was inconspicuous in the sense that one couldn’t tell it from afar.

From the inside, the fort wasn’t all that great. Looked like one of those structures they depict in scary shows; broken, tattered walls, a mausoleum, and dingy pits all over.
We took a few quick snaps, and headed back, because Manash was scared. (ahem, hope Manash doesn’t see this.) Plus the boat owners didn’t seem very glad being there at that hour.

Do read about the’s got an interesting past.

Post the fort visit, it was quite late, so we dropped the plan of returning the same day, and stayed back. A number of economical options are available by the beach. I highly recommend staying back because then, like us, you could grab the breathtaking view of the beach in the morning.
The place has decent options for food, and is a non-vegetarians’ delight. We had kheema-puri for breakfast, which was amazing.

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