A legend departs…

Felt bad to hear about the demise of Ustad Bismillah Khan Sb.
Too insignificant I am to comment upon an artist like him, but I’d always respected, and liked him, since the time I actively started listening to his shehnai.
Some years ago, we’d gone to attend his concert as a part of Mood-I. I liked the way he talked because I could relate it to the way the elderly talk in our family. I found him to be a very simple and humane, as the host told us that Ustad had come all the way to Mumbai, on his request, inspite of his ill-health. Of course, once he started, he cleared all my doubts regarding why is he called a legend. Someone requested a “kajri” and he responded “pata bhi hai kajri hoti kya hai?” (d’u even know what a kajri is?) and all bursted into laughter. But the request was fulfilled. It was a wonderful experience.
Yesterday they were showing on TV that minor ruptures have already started occuring in Ustad’s family, with noone to continue his legacy. I was sorry to hear that.
The Ustad’s presence shall always be missed…but he would remain alive with his contributions to the Indian classical music.

W & G

Since long I’d been craving to get to watch ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’*. Last Thursday, courtesy Felix, I could.
I’ve always been impressed with the quality of animation, the plot, and the miniscule details that Aardman put their efforts into. This one was no exception.
As with all Wallace and Gromit movies, this one had all the shades of a ‘masala’ flick :), with angles of love, hatred, suspense, and subtle humour (okay, it was upto suspense that I meant to use the term ‘masala’). Take my word and do watch it if you haven’t. We watched it over and over again (in the office ;)).
Okay, time for a rerun. Heeeeeee. 😀

Update: Not ‘Return of the Were-Rabbit’ as I’d written originally


Another great weekend in Pune. Had fish after a long time, about six years, mainly because the fish preparations I come across in Mumbai are sea-water ones, which I don’t have.
Anyways, the place goes by the name of Top-in-Town (I know, name’s a put-off :P). It’s located off JM Road.Their signboard says that they specialise in Bengali cuisine. The preparations are amazing, and prices really low. We had a rohu preparation (in tomato curry), and a bhetki (plain curry).
Along with it, we had dried chicken, which was also really good. Almost all the dishes are in the price-range of Rs. 40-45, so it serves as a decent option to please your taste buds every day. Ambience….<buzzzzzz>, what’s that. 🙂
Also visited Apache, a pub on FC Road. Kind of dingy place, but good music.

Back in Mumbai, the rain god seems to be working overtime. Hmmm, perfect atmosphere for dahi-handi it seems. 🙂