The coffee that was

One of Dad’s friends came from Tanzania and brought a lot of goodies. Dad sent some to me. Apparently, Africafe is a strong coffee.
This is why:
My tamil roomie used to crib always about how expensive things were in Mumbai, as compared to his place (a village near Trichy). One of the main driving force for this opinion of his was Nescafé. According to him, the same 10gm packet costs “very less” in his village. And he simply rubbishes all my arguments (which I faintly gather from school economics lectures) about the costs involved in logistics and the middle-men’s margins. His other concern is Shikakai powder, but let’s leave it for some other time.

You can imagine his jubilation when I showed him Africafe, the whole 50gm packet, all to his own. Okay, not all, but majorly, as he knows that I’m more of a tea buff. “Ahh grrreat” he exclaimed, and quickly went off to get milk.

After the meals, both of us prepared coffee separately, and he appeared to relish it. “This coffee taste good” he said as he sipped off the cuppa (glassa, rather). I didn’t know if those words of appreciation came out of a gratitude or were genuine. But clearly, he was excited having had it.
And excited he remained.
I was awake till about 2AM but he, according to what he told me the next day, could sleep sometime past 5AM. 😀 His conclusion: “this coffee very strong. I put too much yesterday”.
We haven’t touched Africafe since. 🙂