How I miss NCST

Although I “worked” at NCST for a little over an year, but the association with it spans far beyond that. In 2001, I’d dreamt of joining it when I came to know that it had a graphics division, and they’re into game programming and all.

In 2002, I was fortunate to get into FPGDST. NCST fascinated me in several ways. I had so many lessons to learn.

When I joined it in 2003, somehow I ended up in the KBCS Division (instead :)). The tasks that were given to me, were never really “work”. In fact I never felt like I’m on a job (okay, it’s a different matter that I did nothing significant :D). It always felt like I’m doing something for myself…my family.

Now that I really am doing a job, I realise my belonging to NCST. Everyday I take the same bus, and peep to catch a glimpse of the building whenever I go past the NCST turn.

The new job…

Tried 2 chaiwalas outside the Span center, both didn’t quite match up with the standards I’m used to (read Patel’s). So, that was a bit disappointing. Probably because a hospital is nearby, the chaiwalas don’t really need to bother much about the quality.
It’s no bread-pakodas in the evening too. Tried out veg-toast-sandwich instead. Doable.
I think I’ll survive. 🙂